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Who Is the Girl on the Bike in Legally Blonde

Episode 2 focused on acting. Stage partner Nikki Snelson (who played Brooke Wyndham in the musical) intentionally drops a line during the audition of the contestants to see how the […]

Episode 2 focused on acting. Stage partner Nikki Snelson (who played Brooke Wyndham in the musical) intentionally drops a line during the audition of the contestants to see how the contestants react when their stage partner forgets a line. The girls also learned the song “Delta Nu Nu Nu”. The winner of the challenge, Bailey Hanks, gained personal time with Nikki Snelson. She shared the prize with Ridgway. During the auditions, the three judges decide which girls will be eliminated and which will continue in the competition. Once the judges have determined who will leave and who will stay, they write the names on “the list” in the order of the best audition, similar to the one mentioned during the song So Much Better. Haylie Duff then receives the list and announces it in the correct order. The remaining girls who are not on the list must immediately go to the building`s casting office, where the three judges determine the eliminated contestant. After an intense singing workshop on spin bikes to test the endurance of the candidates, Cassie S. isolates herself from the other girls by complaining to the judges that the other participants did not give everything during their rehearsals. The episode also focused on the song “Omigod You Guys”.

The award was a manicure and pedicure with Orfeh (who played Paulette in the musical), won by Zakrin and shared with Silva. The last five girls were given a makeover and performed the ballad “Legal Blonde”. The challenge of the episode was to model. The song was “Legally Blonde”. Lander won lunch with Andy Karl (who played Kyle The UPS Guy and Emmett in the musical). Most recently, he appeared in “The Goldfinch” (2019) and “The Swing of Things” (2020). He was also on the CW show “Stargirl”. 50 contestants traveled to New York hoping to play the next Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: The Musical. A first dance audition followed, and the field was reduced to 15 girls.

The 15 girls learned the song “So Much Better” and a dance. Later, the girls auditioned for the jury. Five girls were eliminated because the jury was not satisfied with their songs and dances, leaving 10 participants remaining. The 10 girls were moved to a penthouse to stay for the next 8 weeks for their next auditions. 2001 must have been a long time ago, but it was really a big year for movies. This year saw the release of the first Lord of the Rings, the first Harry Potter, Monster`s Inc., The Princess Diaries, Zoolander and perhaps the most important, Legally Blonde. Yes, 2001 was the year that led us all to apply to law school and certainly gave total blonde ambition to all brunettes and black-haired girls. No one could have guessed that this movie about a cheeky blonde sister who goes to Harvard Law School would become a classic of guilty pleasure and become one of the most popular romantic comedies of all time. Full of moments to mention and certainly the flashiest fashion in cinema this year, Legally Blonde is the kind of movie you can watch again and again without ever getting tired. Four finalists audition with a challenging number that tests singing, acting and dancing. Their costume change skills were tested as well as their endurance.

The song was “What You Want”. All the girls won a loft dinner and Tiffany necklaces in the Legally Blonde style. Selma Blair played the role of Vivian perfectly, so it`s hard to believe that she was also almost excluded from the film`s cast. Originally, the filmmakers wanted Chloë Sevigny to play the role, but the actress decided to turn down the role in order to pursue a film shot in Paris. Sevigny wasn`t convinced the film would be a big success either, so she decided to forgo a role that could have left her with an even bigger legacy. Luckily for us, Selma Blair got the role and became Warner`s fiancée, whom we first loved and then learned to love. Vivian`s character had one of the biggest character development arcs in the film, and the way she went from mean and jealous girl to supporting sister is wonderful to watch on screen. Blair`s talent for playing a beautiful, tense princess is perfect for the role of Vivian and is a great counterpart to Elle`s bubbly character. Another extra shot from the film was the opening credits sequence where we have a close-up of the back of Elle`s head as she brushes her gorgeous blonde hair. There`s not a single girl who didn`t envy those thick, blonde curls when she first saw the movie, and it`s natural to assume that those wavy golden hair belonged to Reese Witherspoon.

But actually, it wasn`t her hair! As they decided to add this sequence at the beginning of the film, after the rest of the film had already been shot, Witherspoon was not available for filming, so they got a replacement to create the scene instead. When you see it, you`ll never know it wasn`t Reese Witherspoon. Whether they used a wig or the replacement had exquisite natural hair, anyway, these curls are still envious to this day, and it`s safe to assume that many women opted for the dye after watching the movie. In each episode, the girls meet a performer from Legally Blonde: The Musical. Typically, these opportunities were awarded in the form of prizes. British twin sisters Annie and Izzy Woods move with their cousin Elle Woods to Southern California after Elle became a successful lobbyist and moved to Washington, DC. The twins are dismayed to learn that they will be attending Pacific Prepstone`s alma mater Elle (Pac Prep), a private school that requires uniforms. It`s hard to imagine anyone other than adorable Reese Witherspoon playing the role of Elle Woods, but surprisingly, she wasn`t the first choice for the role. Tori Spelling was the actress the filmmakers really wanted for the lead role, but when she turned down the role, Reese wasn`t even considered at that time. Next on the list to star She was Christina Applegate, but she also turned down the role because she didn`t want to play another “blonde ditzy” and be considered a casting type. Even then, beloved Reese`s name was at the bottom of the list, and before she was contacted, actresses such as Katherine Heigl, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, and Charlize Theron were all considered via Witherspoon.

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